Social entrepreneurship in Bulgaria on its way to growth

What is the number of social entrepreneurs in Bulgaria? In which development stage are they? What are their needs and what is the perfect financial instrument that will suit their needs? The answers of these and other questions can be found here!

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The ecosystem of social entrepreneurship in Bulgaria

Did you know that the official data says that the number of social enterprises in Bulgaria varies between 29 and 4000 organizations? But why is there such a big difference and what does the ecosystem look like? Find the answer in the report!

Financial and non-financial needs of social entrepreneurs in the country

The investments in human capital and skilled workforce is crucial for social enterprises.

Read more about the financial and non-financial needs of social entrepreneurs in Bulgaria in the report.

Good practices and lessons learned about financial and non-financial support for social entrepreneurs

The practice from Bulgaria and other countries shows that loans are the second most commonly used type of capital, which is invested in the development of social enterprises, after the grants.

What other practices and good examples exist for financial and non-financial support of social entrepreneurs? Learn more in the study.

Regulatory framework and driving forces in the field

The success of the social entrepreneurs in Bulgaria is not driven by the regulatory framework but it is a combination of a successful business and a strong team with entrepreneurial mindset.

What does the regulatory framework in Bulgaria look like and what are the main drivers in the social entrepreneurship sector? Read more in the report.